Our field of activity consists of tubes, marketing, (merchandising, event, direct, marketing) sheet iron and transmission shaping for automotive industry. Ahrenoğlulları has CNC tube & wire bending, press and welding bench machinery together with Tool & Mold design and production technologies. Through our design and manufacture of molds, prototypes and serial production makes Ahrenoğulları a reliable global business partner.

* CNC Formed Wires CNC Formed Tubes
* Stamping Sheet Metal Parts
* Headrest Striker Wires Torsion Bars
* Gas Metal Arc and Spot Welding Operations
* Mould / Fixture Design and Production.

To be a preferred supplier by our customers, we understand their demands and expectations and fulfill them properly. Ahrenoğulları uses modern manufacturing techniques in order to meet customer expectations and deliver the products on time to maximise customer satisfaction.

Ahrenoğlulları believes that continious training is essential to have a better quality. Ahrenoğlulları applies continuous improvement in all disciplines; product, process, quality, technology and management systems.

To ensure the continuity of our quality, we provide ongoing collaboration with our suppliers and customers to contribute creation of a mutual value. Our main target is 0 ppm for all customers and maximum customer satisfaction.

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